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Since 2017, Karen and David Rex have been raising bees on their family farm in Hartland, Michigan What started as a weekend class at the nearby 4H Extension office turned into a full beekeeping venture. Today, Karen and David are dedicated to the responsible stewardship of these vitally important members of our ecosystem.



Whether you're looking for local, raw honey, to jumpstart your own apiary with a starter (nuc) hive, or needing a new queen for your hives, You've come to the right place. 



Raw local honey is a true reflection of its surroundings: the taste of honey is deeply impacted by the flora surrounding the hives. At Bee Rex Apiary we plant our fields intentionally to influence our bees and their honey, and the result is a delicious honey you can't find anywhere else! Our honey is currently available on our Shop page, or at the Amazin' Mitten in Frankenmuth, Michigan and C A LaMont Farms in Fenton, Michigan.


Queens are the heart and soul of their hive. At Bee Rex, we believe in breeding from the best of our stock, combined with selective genetics from instrumentally inseminated queens—in 2022 we are going to graft from a VHS Carniolan from VP Queens. Flooding our area with drones from our best-performing hives is also a key part of our effort to produce queens that can thrive in Michigan.


Nucleus colonies, or Nucs, are a critical part of any sustainable apiary. These colonies are just like a full-sized hive, except they have only five frames of bees along with the queen, honey, and pollen frames. Overwintered Nucs have a queen that has already proven she can deal with our cold winters. But be ready, these Nucs are going to expand quickly with a good nectar and pollen flow.  


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