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For Beekeepers

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We love being a part of the Michigan beekeeping community. That's why we do more than just sell our honey; we want to do our part to supply fellow beekeepers with the best bees and the best hives we can. We love working with new beekeepers and established apiarists alike!

2024 Overwintered Local Nucs

Need to jump start a new hive? Our overwintered nucs are well-mated and ready for their debut.

Each nuc is a 5-frame medium nuc with a queen who was raised on our farm last summer and has proven her mettle through a Michigan winter.

Nucs are $210 when you bring your own box, or for an extra $15 we'll include a Jester EZ Nuc box.

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Wax Dipping

Tired of painting and having it not hold up? Don’t have the time or space to paint?  Try wax dipping!

We heat wax that is a blend of paraffin and microcrystalline wax to a temperature of 300°F. The hot wax boils off the water and replaces the voids in the wood with wax, preventing water penetration that causes wood rot.  The resulting life expectancy is in excess of 20 years, while also allowing the woodenware to be re-dipped if desired.  The high temperature of the wax also helps sterilize the equipment, killing some brood diseases, and since the wax has a melting point over 150°F so it never gets soft and sticky in the hive.

We wax dip once per year, and charge $6 per hive body, bottom board, lid, etc. For 2024, wax dipping day is Saturday, April 6th.  You're also welcome to drop your equipment off early if that works better for your schedule.  Just reach out before you come to drop off, and make sure your name is on each piece. As always, feel free to email us with questions at

Wax dipping location: 10340 Parshall Rd, Fenton, MI

Enter your info the form below to stay in the know or to sign up for future wax dipping sessions.   We will send a reminder notification to everyone who has signed up.


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