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5 Frame Medium Michigan Overwintered Nuc with 2023 Marked Queen

5 Frame Medium Michigan Overwintered Nuc with 2023 Marked Queen


Sold Out for 2024

Nucleus hives (Nucs) are perfect for beginning beekeepers and for replacing winter losses. They have an established laying queen that survived winter and is now building up the nest for the coming spring nectar flow. Nucs include 5 medium frames containing brood, honey, pollen and bees with some room for the queen to continue laying.


Our queens were grafted in 2023 from either one of our best Carniolan queens or our VSH Carniolian Queen from VP Queens. We then flood the mating area with drones from our best performing production hives, based on honey production, temperament, disease and mite resistance, and great brood laying patterns.

Out of Stock
  • Preorders

    Nucs are available for preorder starting Feb 1st.  At this time we only release 50% of the Nucs we expect to have available.   Once we have a chance to inspect the nucs to make sure the queen is strong and building up quickly, we will release the balance of the Nucs for purchase.  If you miss the first release, sign up for notification and we will let you know once the final allotment of Nucs has become available. 

  • How much Do Nucs Cost

    Nucs are $210.00 if you bring your own Box.If you prefer, for an additional $15.00 we can provide a Jester Nuc Box for you to use.

    To reserve a Nuc, you can either pay for the Nuc in Full at time of order, or if you prefer, pay the $50.00 non-refundable deposit.   The balance will be due at time of pickup. 

  • Picking Up Nucs: Where and When

    Bees are available for pickup at 10340 Parshall Rd, Fenton MI, 48430. 


    I will contact you to set a pickup date and time one week prior to when the Nucs will be ready. I will then send you an email confirming the pickup date, time, and any payment that will be due at pickup.


    NO SHIPPING available for Nucs


    Please be prepared to:

    1. Interact in the “bee yard.” You are responsible for your own safety.
    2. Secure your Nuc box(es) in your vehicle so they don’t tip over. We recommend bringing a Nuc Mesh Bag if you plan to transport your bees inside your vehicle. 

    We recommend you transfer the Nucs to their new hives within 24 hours of pickup.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Please call to cancell and request a refund. There are NO refunds on Nuc orders after April 1st. Cancelled orders are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.


    Once we receive your payment or deposit, we will reserve a Nuc to fill your order. All pre-ordered Nucs must be picked up on your agreed-upon scheduled pickup date and time or they will be considered abandoned. Abandoned Nucs will be sold to another customer, and no refunds given. 

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