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Our Story

Our passion for farming started 55 years ago when our parents, John & Janet Rex, purchased some land in Hartland, Michigan. Their journey was founded on being good stewards of nature; the belief that taking care of the land will lead to the best crops that feed the best quality livestock. That passion continues today through their son David and his wife Karen. Through Karen’s passion for flowers and plants, and her journey as a master gardener, their focus has moved from beef and cattle to honey bees. Continuing the belief that quality matters, and that quality products must come from healthy, vibrant animals, our mission now is to raise the very best bees we can so they can do their magical work and create the best, pure raw honey they can. To do that we must also raise the very best queens, the heart and soul of the hive. And so the journey continues: we work to be good stewards of the land and deliver on our promise that every product we sell is grown here, on our farm in Hartland, from the very best bees we can raise.


Bees are our business.

About Us: Our Farm
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